Thursday, July 15, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Spill Containment Cap Testing

The spill containment cap was successfully put into place by BP (NYSE:BP), but now the question remains, when will testing begin to see if it will prevent oil from being deposited into the ocean ? BP officials originally said Monday, here we are on Thursday with no definite answer.

BP's vice president, Kent Wells said a leak was found on Wednesday evening on the side of the capping device called the "choke line," the pipe has been repaired but caused the delay in testing the cap. With the choke line repaired BP can resume the testing, but they have to back track a few steps.

Once the test begins engineers will close all three opening in the cap, if successful no oil should come out. BP will be carefully monitoring the pressure beneath the cap. What they'll be looking for is high pressure, that means there's only a single leak. While low pressure means there could be leaks further down the well. The oil will stay trapped for at least 48 hours before BP determines if it's working properly.

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  1. Who is going to choke first?!

    It is clear Americans and the concerned world want the oil leak stopped.

    We need to ask ourselves whether BP has stronger incentives to stop the oil leak now (whereupon media attention becomes focused on the spill's environmental and social impacts), or to continue guinea-pigging technological solutions (which deflect blame from BP and onto the engineers)?

    We know how a Tampa beachfront resident would act, how a pelican would vote, but the actions of a multinational with Obama over a barrel and the UK government worried about tax accountability, remain murky, unclear?

    Where are the Red Cross of Engineers?