Monday, July 12, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Update: Secondary Containment Cap: Removing and Replacing

BP (NYSE:BP) started the process on Saturday, of removing the containment cap from the well. Their plan is to replace it with one that is a tighter fit which will funnel more oil to the ships on the surface. This is very delicate work and there are several robotic submersibles surrounding the well.

Senior Vice President of BP, Kent Wells said, "Over the next four to seven days, depending on how things go, we should get that sealing cap on. That's our plan." If everything goes as planned, all of the oil could be being collected as soon as Monday. It is only another temporary solution until the relief wells are completed, but if successful it would cut the oil that is leaking into the Gulf way down.

The process involves engineers removing a bolted flange below the dome. The flange has to be removed so another piece called the flange spool can be put over the pipe where the sealing cap will be connected. The flange was successfully removed Saturday. BP officials said they are behind schedule for the placement of the sealing cap but are still optimistic.

"Everything done at that site is very much harder than anyone expects, is replacing the cap going to do more damage than leaving it in place, or are you going to cause problems that you can't take care of," said Ed Overton, a Louisiana State University environmental sciences professor.

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