Monday, July 26, 2010

Be Aware Of Scams In Wake Of BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Spill

While there are many people with good intentions, there are just as many who are looking to take advantage of people and scam them in the wake of BP's (NYSE:BP) oil spill. The Better Business Burea is warning people, the recovery efforts create a lucrative opportunity for scammers trying to make an easy dollar.

The first one is called the job scam. What usually accrues is job hunters are told to pay an upfront fee for training or to get a job. The BBB said that people were told they were being recruited for cleanup work that was supposed to be by BP, but there was no contract with the company. Don't take anybodys word for it, do your research to make sure these are legitimate companies, especially if using BP's name. Be very cautious of any company requiring an upfront fee.

The second is the claim scam, this one involved people receiving unsolicited email saying that the person qualifies for compensation from BP. There are also phony adjusters who ask for fees to expedite services according to the Federal Trade Commission. You can file a claim through BP's official website or by calling BP's claim line at (800) 440 - 0858.

The third one is the charity scam, which is where people pose as various charities to solicit donations. The BBB Wise Giving Alliance has a list of nationally solicited charities that meet the standards of the BBB and they are asking for volunteers and donations for the continued Gulf efforts.

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