Monday, June 28, 2010

Shell Oil (LSE:RDSA) Reaches Gulf Deal With Noble

Shell Oil (LSA:RDSA) has reached a deal with Noble Corp. that gives them $4 billion of new contracts. Noble is also purchasing Frontier Drilling, a privately held company for $2.16 billion in cash.

Shell will be paying reduced fees for the leasing of Noble's rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. They have also given Shell the full right to cancel any contracts between the two rigs currently in the Gulf. Due to President Obama's six month moratorium on deepwater drilling.

The agreements are contingent upon Noble closing the deal with Frontier. Upon doing so, Shell will have the go ahead for the two ultra deepwater projects according to the terms of the contract. Anadarko pulled out of their contract with Noble in the beginning of June from drilling contracts due to the moratorium.

John Breed, a Noble spokesman said the purpose of the Shell purchase is to hopefully ease concerns and prevent oil companies from fully abandoning agreements in the Gulf. " We're working with our customers to find a resolution that would allow them to keep rigs under contract," said Breed.

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