Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shell (LSE:RDSA) Workers May Stike: Strike Indicators

Shell (LSE:RDSA) oil workers may strike at Statoil Shell Platforms, there are several strike indicators. The strike will start June 17th if mediation fails. The mediated talks are effecting 6,700 workers.

These talks have been going on for two days and are being monitored by the government. Talks conclude at midnight on June 16th, which could begin the strike according to unions and employers. The three unions involved are Industry Energy Safe, the Norwegian Oil Industry Association, and the Norwegian Organization of Managers and Executives. The breakdown of these three unions happened May 6th.

The Shell operated Draugen Platform puts out about 43,000 barrels of oil daily. This is the platform that the unions are calling a strike on. Eli Ane Nedreskaar, a group spokeswoman said, "should negotiations break down, the OLF may choose to announce a lock out, which would enter into force four days later. But this has not been decided yet."

In 2010 Norway's oil production as well as natural gas condensate and liquids is estimated at 1.87 million barrels a day. That puts them as the sixth largest supplier of crude oil as well as the second largest importer of gas. The Industry Energy Union is demanding wages for cleaners be the same as those who work offshore.

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