Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shell (LSE:RDSA) Penalized By Bond Market, 2.75 Billion Debt Offering

In a 2.75 billion dollar debt offering, Shell (LSE:RDSA) received penalties by the bond market. Anadarko's notes saw a significant decline as fear mounts that profits will fall across the oil industry due to the worst U.S. oil spill in history.

Shell has the most rigs in the Gulf that are now being effected by the deepwater drilling ban. The effect is causing Shell to face higher yield spreads causing investors considerable doubt to weather the government will further increase restrictions and regulations. Anadarko has yet to see if they will be required to pay their share of the oil spill disaster. Having a 25 percent stake, if it's found that they do have to pay they would be required to pay 25 percent of the oil cleanup costs.

Levington, a managing director of corporate credit at Brookfield in New York said, "it could delay the timely projects or possibly eliminate them. It could require additional monitoring and maintenance, all of which could hurt earnings, cash flow, and returns on oil invested capital."

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