Friday, June 18, 2010

Romney on Obama's Mishandling of BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Spill

Obama's inexperience has tragically revealed itself, and the country is paying for it dearly as oil from the BP (NYSE:BP) disaster continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico, while no one to this day seems to be in charge.

Mitt Romney is the latest to address the mishandling of the crisis by Obama and his administration.

Romney said about Obama's failure, "In this kind of a crisis situation, the president's response should have been to step in, bring in the experts, people from various oil companies, from leading institutions, academic and engineering firms and look at the options for actually capping this oil spill and then actually making those decisions."

Others who have actual management experience have stated similar things. Obama's enlisting of clueless college professors and government scientists has been blasted by many of those viewing the situation as well, saying Obama should have gone out and recruited experienced people who have dealt with similar circumstances.

Obama wouldn't even accept the help of nations with oil skimmers which could have extracted oil from the Gulf almost immediately, because of his catering to unions who would have thrown a fit because he allowed foreign boats in the area which hadn't been built in the country. President Bush trumped the draconian law which was implemented in 1920, and allowed ships in to help with Katrina, which the majority say he did a better job of managing.

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