Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chevron (NYSE:CVX) Gets First Bill From Oil Spill

Chevron (NYSE:CVX) has received their first bill from the city of Utah for their oil spill in Red Butte Creek, the total of which is $125,000 for the first 48 hours. Most of this cost was from the initial police officers, firefighters, and utility crews who were on the scene June 12th and June 13th.

This bill is just for the basics, it does not include any of the long term estimates for the fuel cleanup, equipment costs, or the cost of the city's environmental consultant. This is just the first of many more bills to come. The breakdown of the expenses is, $53,000 for water cleanup teams, $12,000 for police security, $9,000 was added on by the Mayor's office, as well as $33,000 for firefighter efforts to contain the oil.

Chevron has maintained from the beginning that they would pay for all costs associated with the oil spill. Oil skimming is continuing along the Jordon River. The effects to aquatic wildlife seems to be minimal although the long term effects are still unknown. There have been several hundred waterfowl, the majority being geese who have been cleaned of the oil and released into Clear Lake. Officials said that less than 10 of the treated birds have died.

So far, crews have gotten about 610 barrels of the 800 barrels that were spilled by Chevron's pipeline. The cause of the break is still unknown but under investigation. The oil pipeline has been repaired and is fully operational again.

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