Sunday, June 27, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Boycotts, Gas Station Owners Want BP's Help

There are many people in the Southern states as well as the East Coast that are boycotting BP's (NYSE:BP) gas stations. This is there attempt to punish BP, but in reality they're only hurting local business people who other than having a signed contract to purchase oil from BP and this giving them the right to use BP's logo, there is no tie between the two. Many of these gas station owners are turning to BP for help.

There are over 11,000 gas stations across the U.S. that sell the fuel under BP's name like Amoco and Arco. BP owns a very minute amount of these. Gas station owners in Illinois and Georgia are saying that over that last several weeks they've seen sales decrease 10 percent to 40 percent.

John Kleine, the executive director of the independent BP Amoco Marketers Association who represent hundreds of distributors said, gas distributors and gas station owners requested to BP officials that they get help with the cost of more advertising geared towards motorist. As well as giving them a cost break on the purchasing of gas.

Bob Junkniess, an owner of a BP gas station said, " They have got to be more competitive on their fuel costs to the retailers so we can be competitive on the street, and bring back customers that we've lost." He said he's seen a decline in sales of 20 percent, he has 10 BP stations he owns.


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  2. "but in reality they're only hurting local business people "

    Only hurting the gas station owners!? You don't have a clue! Not buying BP gas is, 'in reality', hurting BP directly and the gas station owners indirectly.
    The BP owners should file a class action law suit against BP for BP's negligence and loss of income! Because the local owners are now coming after BP, the boycott IS successful at punishing BP! Continue boycotting until BP is bankrupt!! This company is the most greedy and heinous companies out of all the oil companies! BP deserves bankruptcy!

    "Greed kills without remorse.."

  3. One of the reasons why BP was drilling in deep water was because of Americas inefficient use and greed for oil. Huge gas guzzleing vehicles and generally a disregard for sensible use of energy and the fact that the US is by far the worlds largest user of oil is the main factor why BP and other companies have to drill in deep water, and you should look at American oil companies "safety record" in offshore Africa.

  4. Americans have less efficient vehicles and use more oil because of demand and supply.

    Most countries tax oil more than the US. Prices go up, demand goes down. People start caring about fuel efficiency.