Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Gets $10 Million Request to Pay for Mental Health

The Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals is pressing BP (NYSE:BP) to pay out $10 million for people in the Gulf coast region in order to get services from the impact of the oil spill.

Alan Levine, head of the department, sent a letter to BP's Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles, saying this about the matter, "There exists anger, anxiety and uncertainty among the families and communities affected by the spill, which will easily manifest into addiction and various forms of mental health crisis if not confronted."

BP is said to be reviewing this request, which seems to be bogus to me. You could make the same claim about any situation in life that causes stress, and the recession over the last couple of years, along with the mortgage crisis associated with it was another.

Should the government, businesses and other institutions pay for every situation in life that causes some type of stress?

This all sounds like an underfunded government agency looking for any place to get some funding in order to keep their jobs, not a legitimate request for victims.

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