Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Capturing More Oil

BP (NYSE:BP) attempts to capture more oil are improving, now standing at about 630,000 gallons a day, with the possibility of increasing to 756,000 a day, before a second tanker arrives to expand the capture rate.

Original estimates as to how much the existing tanker in the are can process has been upwardly revised, giving the company better results than expected in the short term.

There is another vessel coming into assist as well, in this case a shuttle tanker from the North Sea which will help in transporting the oil, along with a device which will be used to burn off excess oil they can't process.

Efforts are under way to build an even better containment cap which is expected to be ready sometime in July.


  1. Even better containment sometime in July?


  2. Hah hah. Yes I detect the cynicism. They are donating all the revenue from the well to setup a fund to Protect and Rehabilitate Wildlife in Gulf States.

  3. haha that comment was gold

  4. i think it is better to preserve themselves

  5. I hope the company BP survives and the jobs around the Gulf survive ! If you want to preserve stop driving those Hummers or pick up trucks to commute !!

  6. Yes if BP goes we will have to up imports and then prices I think they are doing there best in the circumstanced