Saturday, May 29, 2010

Updates On Top Kill and BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Spill Live Feed

As many are anxiously watching the BP (NYSE:BP) oil spill live video for any change with BP's "top kill" attempts, there aren't visible signs of much change.

Being close to 96 hours into the "top kill" attempt, most were thinking it would be stopped by now. Looking at the video of the oil spill, there appears to be a dark substance coming out of it again which looks like oil. When BP started their procedure, there was a visible change in what was spewing out of the two broken areas on the pipe. Rather than the dark crude oil there was what looked like mud, the thick engineer mud that was being pumped in.

Originally, by BP's statements, the "top kill" process was only going to take a couple days but it is now on their third day. Although BP seems to still be optimistic. They said, there's a "number of options" in case the "top kill" fails. BP also said things seem to be "promising" as they continue on with their efforts.

If BP is successful, they could then turn their full focus on cleaning up the oil that has already spilled into the ocean and is devastating shorelines, among other things.

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