Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarah Palin, BP (NYSE:BP) and Obama

Growing concern over Barack Obama and his connection to big oil is emerging, as BP (NYSE:BP) has given Obama the largest single donation in two decades to Obama, $77,051, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Sarah Palin has openly started asking why there isn't as much scrutiny over the slow response of the Obama administration to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as there was over the alleged slow response of the Bush administration to Katrina.

Palin likens Obama's lack of response in the beginning to the Katrina situation, citing Obama's ties to big oil as the reason behind it.

"I don't know why the question isn't asked by the mainstream media and by others if there's any connection with the contributions made to president Obama and his administration and the support by the oil companies to the administration," said Palin.

Others have questioned Obama's slow response as well as possibly being related to his strong connections to the oil industry, which he is now trying to distance himself from.


  1. [during] the 2008 presidential contest, Republican candidate Sen. John McCain received more than twice as much money from the oil and gas industries as Obama: McCain collected $2.4 million; Obama, $898,000.

    Sarah, can you please STFU now???

  2. He is not, however, the president of our country during this time of crisis. Obama is.

  3. Terry an old adage is appropriate here.We're all entitled to our own opinions,we are not entitled to our own facts. In the case your fact are patently wrong,or if you'd rather,twisted.

  4. Actually, Terry's statistics are correct. They were most recently published in the WSJ on May 23 and they stem from the same Center for Responsive Politics that Ms. Palin misleadingly quoted.