Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama's Minerals Management Service Director Steps Down in Midst of Heavy Criticism

Minerals Management Service Director Elizabeth Birnbaum has stepped down after heavy criticism from all sides after the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig has resulted in oil spreading across the Gulf of Mexico.

It was announced at a congressional hearing by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar where Birnhaum was scheduled to testify but didn't appear for.

Salazar alleged that Birnbaum's resignation was "on her own terms and her own volition."

While Obama at least is taking some responsibility for the agency, saying there should have been a "greater sense of urgency" in reference to better regulating the industry, some seemingly borderline psychotic Democrats like Nick Rahall, still can't stop blaming President Bush for even this incident, 18 months after he left office. Incredible!

Rahall, who for some reason is the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee said this, "The departure of Elizabeth Birnbaum from MMS does not address the root problem. She has only been the public face of MMS for 11 months and the most serious allegations occurred prior to her tenure."

Rahall should step down after that unbelievable comment, as he's obviously on the defensive by going on the offensive, after this happening under his watch.

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