Sunday, May 23, 2010

BP's (NYSE:BP) Oil Leak Control Efforts Have Declined

Despite the continued efforts of BP (NYSE:BP) to contain the massive oil leak, it is not working as well as before. BP's PLC officials stated Sunday that the mile long tube that was inserted into the spewing oil, is not as effective.

John Curry, BP's spokesman told the Associated Press Sunday that there has been a substantial drop in the amount the tube is siphoning to the surface. As of Friday there was a reported 92,400 gallons a day being collected. On Sunday there was a big drop, down to 57,120 gallons a day.

Three of Obama's top administration officials are heading back to the Gulf Coast to monitor the ongoing oil spill cleanup efforts.

Meanwhile, engineers continue on in their efforts to try and get some control over the oil disaster. This is as the crude oil continues to wash into our shores, wildlife is at a continued high danger, and anger with BP and the government continues to grow.

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