Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BP: (NYSE:BP) We'll Reduce Use By 50-80 % Of Corexit

BP (NYSE:BP) continues its use of the dispersant Corexit, ignoring the EPA and federal government. BP says it will reduce the amount of Corexit it is currently using in the Gulf. Serious questions are being raised on the effects this chemical will have long term on wildlife and humans.

Due to BP's continued excuses and lack of action, the EPA is setting up its own research and testing in their lab in Gulf Breeze, FL. The purpose of this testing will be to find a less toxic dispersant that can aid in the safe breakup of the oil. Among these is included, a biodegradable tests and well as toxicity testing.

Lisa Jackson, the EPA Administrator said she meet with BP officials Sunday night to get the company to cut back on it use of the chemical dispersant. She feels confident that there will be a 50 - 80 percent reduction over the next few days as they proceed with their testing.

This reduction will mainly be on the surface. Jackson said, putting the dispersant directly into the stream of oil underwater has proven to be far less toxic and more effective than it's effects on the top of the water.

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