Saturday, May 22, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP): Natural Gas Distorting Oil Leak Estimates

People without knowledge of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, are inflating the amount of oil leaking into the region because they aren't taking in a number of factors relevant to the situation, said BP (NYSE:BP).

Alarmists have been calling them liars and the media and Obama administration cluelessly says they're not being transparent enough, again, based on seeming inability to get their facts straight, and also caving to their base, which wants this disaster to be worse than it really is in order to pursue their private agendas.

One of the major elements that are going to make these so-called researchers and scientists look stupid and ignorant is the fact that about half of what is leaking into the ocean is natural gas. They are basing their inflated numbers on all the liquid being oil, which totally makes the flow far higher than it really is.

Other things not being taken into consideration, are these, according to BP in a statement: "For instance, while the original riser was 19.5 inches in diameter prior to the Deepwater Horizon accident, damage sustained during the accident distorted the diameter at the end of the pipe by about 30 percent. In addition, a drill pipe currently trapped inside the riser has reduced the flow area by an additional 10 percent."

The mainstream media is also reporting that so-called exerts are saying the amount of oil being released is far more than the 5,000 barrels thought to be leaking in the ocean on a daily basis by BP. Experts? How is anyone an expert in oil leaking from the ocean floor at about a mile below the surface? There is no such thing as an expert in this, which is the reason why BP is having so much trouble plugging the leak, and you can be sure others in the industry are giving them input on the matter as well, as it has a negative impact on the industry as a whole.

I don't believe BP is trying to hide anything at all, what they're doing is syphoning through all the data, and the number of variables involved, plus changes circumstances, make it an extremely difficult job to do.

For that reason, they prefer to release information on certain things in 24-hour cycles rather than in smaller time frames, as it makes it appear like they're trying to hide something, when in fact the circumstances are changing at such a rapid pace, that when they report it, it seems they're hiding something or being coy, when they are in reality adjusting their statement and thinking as the events occur and additional information is discovered and understood.


  1. how much does BP pay you to pronounce this mendacious nonsense? pathetic

  2. Thanks, this article makes sense. The real world is a difficult place, and deep water drilling pushes the limits of technology. I don't pretend to understand deep water drilling but I don't think many people do... so why do they expect it's easy for BP? And why do they think BP is paying for some two bit blogger to write an article? Seriously, some people have no grip on reality. We shouldn't be pointing fingers right now - we all know who's fault it is... lets focus on getting it under control before going nuts. Banning a previously approved dispersant and giving a company 72 hours to choose a new one in a time of critical need seems very counter productive.

  3. Hey Anonymous #1 - how much did greenpeace pay you to pronounce this mendacious nonsense? Pathetic.