Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crude Oil Poised for First Annual Decline in Seven Years

With consumers tightening their wallets over economic concerns, crude oil will suffer its first annual decline in seven years, as supplies rise over decreasing demand.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, prices fell 99 cents for February delivery of crude oil, settling at $39.03 a barrel. Earlier in the day it fell below $38 a barrel. So far this year oil prices are down by 59 percent.

Crude-oil inventory fell last week by 1.45 million barrels, while on the other hand, according to analysts' estimates, gasoline stockpiles are rising, with projections of an extra 1.7 million barrels added for the week ending December 26.

Also increasing were heating oil, diesel, and other distillate fuel supplies, adding 1.5 million barrels to the inventory.

On London's ICE Futures Europe exchange, Brent crude oil fell by 40 cents to end the session at $40.15 a barrel.

I don't see anything changing the primary fundamental of declining oil demand changing any time soon, and that should be the key element to watch with oil, barring any geopolitical problems that may unfold.

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