Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Environmental Thugs Continue Attack on Consumers in Oil Lawsuit Frenzy

The environmental religion continues to produce attacks on regular, hurting people, as they sue oil companies every time a drilling lease permit is granted to them.

"Every lease that has been granted in the last several years has been immediately challenged in the lawsuits 100 percent," said Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C.

This thuggery is hurting people and will damage the lives of human beings, as environmental crackpots continue their assualt against them.

These earth and animal worshippers would rather see human beings suffer through high energy costs and inability to heat their homes, than the lie that polar bears are endangered (which has proven to be false) and other bogus claims of endangerment.

It doesn't matter to these wackos, as lying to achieve their ends is part of their way of operating.

What's more evil about this is they know they can't win, they'll only increase the cost of doing business, which is always passed on to regular people.

These people aren't real conservationists doing this, rather they are elitest who care about their earth religion rather than human beings. People continue to be an insult to their sensibilities, and they would rather see them hurt than their earth-mother.

Screw 'em. Hopefully we'll start to see true conservation groups emerge who truly care about managing our resources. Hunters and fisherman are especially concerned and good at this, knowing we need to keep our resources managed properly.

These environmental terrorists need to be sued into oblivion, and associations need to be formed in order to make that a reality.

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