Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oil Prices Fluctuate on Demand and Economic Concerns

Uncertainty is the word floating around concerning oil prices, as investors await the decision concerning the government bailout plan, the decreasing demand for oil, and the time it will take to bring platforms and rigs back to production from recent storms.

Other factors in the mix are the cut in production announced by OPEC earlier in September, as well as the continued threat to Nigerian oil procution by regional terrorists.

The potentially serious consequences on the value of the dollar from the ill-advised financial bailout is also on the minds of oil investors going forward.

Fear and uncertainty keep oil and other commodities in an unpredictable mode. We'll see continued fluctuation in prices going forward until things settle down. Early morning trading on the NYMEX had November deliver for sweet crude dropping to $105.57, although they continue to move up and down from positive to negative territory.

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