Friday, September 5, 2008

Oil Drops to 5-month Low on Weak Demand, other Factors

Oil continues to plunge from its record high which reached $147 a barrel in July, as it dropped by over $2 a barrel, after settling the lowest on Thursday since April 4. Brent crude followed suit in London as it declined by over $2 a barrel as well, finishing at $103.95.

With China decreasing imports after the Olympics and consumers driving less, oil prices will probably continue to fall. Other factors include the ongoing storm season and the unknown decision by OPEC on what it will do going ahead. The weak U.S and world economy will continue to affect the price also.

The rise in value of the U.S. dollar will also continue to drive down oil prices.

With the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, (largest oil-import terminal in the U.S.) saying they started offloading oil tankers early Thursday morning, it's also thought it could help keep oil prices down because of the quick resumption of delivery.

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