Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chuck Norris Calls for More Drilling: So do I!

The Democrats could find themselves big losers if they continue to fight against opening up American land and coastal areas for drilling. It could end up making a surprising difference in the election if they don't start to comply with the wishes of the American people.

Sensing a huge weakness and potentially big issue for their party, Republicans have smartly started hitting out on the issue, as Americans increasingly say we should drill to help eventually ease the cost of gasoline.

There will be mounting pressure to have this happen, no matter what the Democrats want or desire. This is something they didn't count on when assuming they were going to overwhelm the Republican party this year. Their obstinance and rejection of the will of the American people could cause some big problems for them that they didn't anticipate for the 2008 elections.

They better start listening and responding, rather than cater to the radical environmentalist who care about their "mother" earth more than they do human beings.

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